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Secrets to Abundant Happiness and Stress free life.

Stress is an emotional feeling that makes you feel excited, frustrated, angry or nervous. Good stress gives you energy. But Bad stress leads to depression. Each one of us reacts to stress in our own way. Most of us can manage pressure without feeling stressed.

However, too much pressure, often created by over thinking, and life experiences over stretches our ability to cope  and we get stressed. Our daily activities get disturbed. We show it in the form of anger which leads to frustration. We start thinking about everything in a negative sense. Health gets affected. Relationships worsen. We start feeling we are a loser. We start hating life for no reason.

Our hectic schedules, our food habits,our daily actions  and many other responsibilities contribute to stress and we need to learn to  balance ourselves to be Healthy, Happy and Successful. To achieve this, you need to maintain a Healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few secrets to be followed to live a stress-free life and achieve abundant happiness.

Eat healthy food

Means healthy eating pattern that has a variety of nutritious foods and drinks. Avoid junk foods. Choose your foods according to your age and body type. Simply, get the number of calories that’s right for you. Drink adequate amounts of water. Do not eat too much or too little.

Exercise regularly

Exercise benefits every part of your body including your mind. By exercising, our body releases happy hormones and we start feeling good. Practice exercising a minimum of 30 to 40 mins daily. It can be anything that suits your age, your body type and above all  that you enjoy. 


Take some time and devote yourself to your hobbies and arts. Devote at least 30 mins a day to the things you enjoy by learning. Can be Singing/Dancing/Drawing/Painting/Reading/Writing/ Watching TV, etc…. Just have fun and give yourself an opportunity to learn and enhance yourself with new skills.

Maintain Good Relationships

Maintaining good relationships is very important for emotional  Wellbeing.Relations teach us to love and to be loved. Meet more people, share experiences and inspire each other. Family and friends make us emotionally strong. So maintain good relationships, never hurting others feelings. Got a bad experience with someone, take it as a lesson  and maintain your distance with them. Be a good listener and practice appreciating others. Give Respect and take Respect. Just be yourself and the right people are always with you for the right reasons. 


Social responsibility/ Service

Every individual should take responsibility towards the environment and society as a whole. Big or small, your actions should be for the betterment of the society. 

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle and use eco friendly products.

Grow more plants.

After all, we all make a family. So, we all are responsible for each other’s actions.

Service gives us satisfaction and the ultimate legacy to our life. 


Understand your Passion

When you come to know your passion in your life, you will understand the purpose of your birth. It gives you so much energy that you get the confidence to achieve anything.

Wanting to do nothing is a fixed mindset.

But for a growth mindset, come out with a Passion with good ethical values. With Confidence and Courage, Consistently Work hard and with Discipline and Determination, you will get Dignity. 

Take time to Relax

Take at least a minimum of 10 mins for yourself daily to relax. Forget about the outside world, about everything and everyone.

Lie down in Savasana pose and dive deep into yourself.

Eliminate the clutter of negative thoughts.

Just be yourself and love yourself. This practice will bring a lot of energy into you.

The monkey mindset switching thoughts aimlessly without giving proper solutions will be trained to become a Monk mindset and you will get the clarity and the right thoughts.

Show Gratitude

“Gratitude”, a real game changer. Gratitude adds magic to one’s life. It is the ultimate secret to abundant Happiness.

Show gratitude to your physical body by eating healthy and regularly exercising.

Show gratitude to people by maintaining good relations by appreciating them and gifting them.

Show gratitude to mother earth and save nature using eco-friendly products.

The more you give, the more you receive.

“Whoever has Gratitude will be given more, and he or she will 

 receive in an abundance.

 Whoever does not have gratitude, even what he or she has 

 will be taken from him or her. “


All the above things, altogether maintained in a balanced manner leads to a stress-free life. Our ancestors followed all these and were very healthy.

Do not harm yourself by ignoring yourself which will weaken your power to deal with stress.

Look after yourself and take care.

Let’s be happy and make others happy.

Life is just a reflection of actions and is very short.

So, Live and Love Life to the fullest.     

“Stay Healthy, Be Happy and Keep smiling always!!”. 


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