Who we are & Why we are?

Hello  Friends, Namasthe!!

I am Shruthi, a strong believer in maintaining a Healthy lifestyle,innerself & outerself to be Happy & Successful.

Nowadays, everyone in this busy world is getting stressed in some way or the other. Our busy lifestyle, technology, eating habits, our actions, etc. is affecting our health, wealth, relationships & stress.

I believe that every single person is beautiful and should always be happy.

With a positive thought to bring happiness into others lives, 

MYSHTA Organics is born.  

We sell curated products from handpicked vendors who are passionate in producing quality Organic Products and bring Smiles in everyone’s life.

Myshta believes in being Organic inner self and outer self. 

Myshta is a Sweet Divine Journey towards Gratitude.

Sweet Divine Myshta wants to show her gratitude by spreading happiness to all. Myshta says “Let’s be happy and make others happy”. Life is just a reflection of actions and is very short.

So, Live and Love Life to the fullest.


Our Mission

A Sweet Divine journey towards Gratitude selling products & services that brings Health & Happiness and make this world a better place to live in.

Our Vision

Create Awareness of Healthy Lifestyle & Practices and Build a community, motivating and transforming them into an organic living where everyone "Stays Healthy, Happy and keeps Smiling Always!!".


Each product item is carefully checked before appearing on Myshta.


All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing, warranty and maintenance products very carefully.


All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing.