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Tathaastu By Gunjan

‘Tathaastu by Gunjan’ prides itself of finding solutions to everyday hair and skin predicaments using natural and nature derived ingredients that are totally safe and hence go a long way in ensuring sustainable skincare.We take special care to ensure that all our formulations are free of sulphates, paraben, chloride, T.E.A and other potentially harmful chemicals.


Namhya is a small effort towards a healthy living from a Jammu& Kashmir based entrepreneur Ridima Arora.At Namhya Foods, we carefully craft foods on the basis of Ayurveda that can blend in your natural diets and can become a way of living rather than finding a new diet everytime, all the time .As a part of our ideology we will always create products that will heal your body and soul and help you run the difficult tasks of your life with vigour and sense of fulfillment

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At Health Sutra, our motive is to reintroduce traditional grains of India in tasty formats suitable for modern lifestyle to keep you healthy.So we went back to our roots, researched our ancient grains, gained expertise on how to process them naturally while retaining their nutritive values and brought them in formats convenient for our modern lifestyle. Thus, we recognise ourselves as Health Sutra where Health meets Taste meets Tradition.

SVR Honey

Collected from bee farms from villages around Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, our raw honey is multi-floral and is absolutely free from any adulteration. This raw and farm fresh honey is filled with medicinal properties as suggested by Ayurveda. Our specialities are No Refining, No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No added Sugars, No Pasteurization, 100% Organic Raw Honey.



A team of passionate chocolate makers and our goal is to make the best quality chocolate and chocolate related products available to the masses. We keep the process of making chocolate very simple: Use cocoa butter and cocoa solids and avoid extra added sugars and preservatives which are harmful to health. Our chocolates are crafted to perfection by avoiding harmful hydrogenated vegetable and palm oils.



Nutricook Oil Less Water less cookware. 316L high grade SS Cookware which helps vegetables to cook without water and tasty food can be cooked without using oil. Nutricook helps to retain maximum Nutrients while cooking food. With long experience of 20 years in field of cookware, we recommend to change the way of cooking, we believe healthy family from healthy kitchen, healthy kitchen from healthy cookware. Made in India and Making India Healthy.



We often give gifts to re-confirm or establish our connection with others, which means that they’re a reflection of both the giver and the receiver, as well as their unique relationship. Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them.