A Sweet Divine Journey Towards Gratitude

Stay Healthy, Be Happy & Keep Smiling Always!!

Our Philosophy

Mystha as the word is ingrained with Sweet Divinity.  Life forms are like a free flowing river full of Happiness & wellbeing for all the Universe. It works  in ‘Silence’ as the Brahmand evolves every pulse not segregating by any Man Made basis.
The ripples that do occur are trivial in relation to Mother Earth’s sacrifices over the past few hundred centuries.
Like innumerable others in the same domain our approach is to contribute to  the Universe creations of ‘Homosapiens’  by way of substituting as per our Vedas healing vide  ‘Healthy Organic Food &  Back to Nature Lifestyles’.


Our Mission & Vision

To take Charge to be the Change and Inspire Others and pledge to become a Responsible Citizen.

Change the way of life : Beleifs, Attitudes, Behaviour and Actions.
Bring in Healthy Organic Food & Natural Lifestyles’ to build ‘Immunity’ for the Future
especially for our progeny, the future saviour of Mother Earth and make this world a Better place to live in.
MYSHTA Organics is a “Health & Happiness Center” with the Mission to improve well being and foster sustainable living. We offer innovative products, services and processes that are geared towards creating better health, Nutrition and Wellness for the Customers irrespective of any descrimination in age, gender, religion or individual as a whole. We are here establishing our Organisation purely working for the betterment of Society working on the five elements of Society/ Universe.
Desi Miracle Grains will be the main ingredients of Myshta Products/Services and will be cultivated under Natural Farming Process with “Cow” as the fulcrum. All the products will be served with continuous awareness programs so that more and more individuals become Healthy & Happy.
In Short,
MYSHTA is an Umbrella Brand, a One Stop Solution to all your needs under one roof. An integrated Holistic Approach for ones Health & Happiness Solutions.

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